How many times have you heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?”   Well, just imagine the marketing advantages of a talking picture or avatar on your web site.    You can use the full face photo of your choice or ask us to create a custom avatar or fully animated character to narrate the dialog that you provide.    If a simple avatar is not enough, perhaps a fully animated movie would fill your needs. Would you like to associate your site with a catchy tune?    We can do it and even have it play as the background for your narration.    Interested?   Contact us to see how easy and affordable it can be.

Square Yellow Button Lit
Square Green Button Lit
SquarePurple Lit FFO Button

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Freefiction home page avatar1
Jessi Avatar reduced
Man at Home Reduced
Astrid Irina
Black Business Woman Corrected


All avatars exhibited throughout this site, including the animated examples, are copyrighted and remain the express property of Avatar Creations, Inc.  They may not be  altered, copied or otherwise sequestered without the written permission of Avatar Creations, Inc.

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